HKS Manpower

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

We provide temporary and permanent staff augmentation services. Our services include remote helpdesk support and on-site hiring for your business.

Needs assessment and job descriptions

Our team of experts and consultants work to understand your staffing needs. We use our HR and recruitment expertise to develop robust recruitment plans for companies that helps them set up Tech and Marketing teams overnight.

Screening process

HKS Manpower follows international standards of hiring and creates a 3 step process for your company which includes preliminary screening, technical tests and aptitude tests that allow us to shortlist the best candidates for our clients.

Contracts and Payroll

Our HR team does the heavy lifting for you! We develop contracts between employees and organisations that create trust and reliability. Our contracts follow GDPR laws as well as the laws of the country where the staff is being hired.

We also manage the payroll of the employees and can set up KPI-based appraisal systems for your teams to ensure better retention.

Hiring and rehiring

We provide a reliable 360 degree solution to our clients which not only includes hiring but also rehiring. Despite having the best work environment, sometime team members do leave due to sickness, better job opportunities and location changes.

We provide much needed reliability to organisations by leveraging our vast pool of candidates and providing instant replacement in case a team member leaves or their performance is not up to mark.

Office Space and Equipment

Our back-office operations are based out of Asia’s largest co-working space. As part of our service, we not only provide staff augmentation but also seating at the co-working space, fibre optic internet and monitoring tools such as biometric attendance tools.

Performance Management and Grievances

We have a team of project managers, CTOs and art directors that can help you manage your remote staff. Managing large teams can get tricky when you are working remotely. Our clients have the option to add project managers that can help them manage their remote teams with ease.

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We have a strong team of IT recruiters and marketing recruiters that can help you hire quality staff quickly.

We have proven experience in developing preliminary screening, technical tests and IQ tests to create a robust selection process for your team.
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