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A tech development, marketing and staff augmentation agency that offers offshoring and outsourcing services. HKS is based out of India's largest co-working space and has a dedicated team of in-house experts to meet all your tech development, marketing and staff augmentation needs.
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HKS Manpower is a creative agency with a focus on design, online marketing and tech development. We help other marketing agencies, brands and organisations stay ahead of the digital curve through outsourcing and offshoring.
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Outsourcing tech development and marketing allows your company to focus on it’s strengths or increase it’s service offerings without bearing the cost of full-time staff.

We are more than just a tech development and marketing agency. We help other marketing and tech companies enhance their capabilities by providing them remote staff including web and app developers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, social media managers and IT helpdesk staff (L1, L2 and L3).
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Offshoring tech development and online marketing to cheaper countries like India can help companies cut costs by over 40%.

As part of our remote staff augmentation services, we not only provide staff hiring services, but the entire infrastructure required to set up overseas operations. This 360 degree solution includes staff hiring, screening processes, setting up equipment such as laptops, fibre optic internet and staff performance management.

Who We Are

A unique Tech and Marketing Agency that helps you establish a reliable team overnight!

HKS Manpower is an outsourcing and offshoring company that provides web and app development, design, digital marketing and staff augmentation services to businesses around the world.

We focus on providing staffing solutions for one-time, short-term and long-term projects. We act as a staff-augmentation partner for marketing and tech agencies by providing them web and app developers, UI/UX designers, graphic designers, social media managers and IT helpdesk staff (L1, L2 and L3).


To maximise future employment and contribute to economic growth for the society as a whole. HKS Manpower strives to empower people and organisations across the world by making meaningful connections through rigorous research and strong partnerships. We have defined our ultimate goal to be to connect SME’S and other organisations, to the work life of millions of people worldwide by 2040.

Extraordinary Experiences

HKS Manpower delivers manpower, skills and capabilities that organisations around the world need to unleash the power of their employees.

HKS prides itself on thorough analysis of international markets, regulations and organisational needs to deliver innovative solutions that enhance productivity and work satisfaction. We work closely with clients and candidates to understand their needs and deliver customised solutions.


We realise the importance of reliable and efficient workforce in organisations and the importance of a job in an employees life. We help bridge and map expectations by globally matching knowledge & skills to clients needs.

Our Global footprint

Leading Tech and Marketing Agency outsourcing for businesses across the world.

HKS Manpower has offices in London, UK and New Delhi, India. We are a multinational business process outsourcing company with the experience of serving over 40 businesses from USA, UK, Canada, Norway, UAE and India. We aim to become a reliable outsourcing and offshoring service partner for business across the world. Having offshoring partners allows us to leverage the best talent from the UK, US and India to provide our customers a bang for their buck!

Meet our team.

Meet our team.

the best people to support your project

Raunaq Sahni

Managing Director (India)

Harleen Sethi

Managing Director (London)

Our Premises

• Asia’s first Collaborative campus to have internet speeds   up to 1 GHZ
• Event area for more than 5000 people
• Campus to include Café, Gym, Spa, Food Court, Gaming   Zone
• VC / Investor zone
• Shuttle service to last mile metro station
• 10 Mins from the International Airport
• Car Parking for over 500 cars at each facility
• Enabled with productivity tools like interactive touch   screens, Facebook pass, travel-desk, concierge etc.
• Multiple ‘breakout zones’ for better productivity