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Global Business Service Outsourcing for

Global Business Service
Outsourcing for

Tech and Marketing

HKS Expertise

Hire a tech and marketing agency for turnkey projects and short-term solutions (Average duration: 1-3 months)

HKS Talent Pool

Dedicated office set-up with staff on annual payroll (Minimum duration: 12 months)

HKS Workforce

Hire teams on contractual or part-time basis (Average duration: 6-12 months)


We are a full-service Tech and Marketing Agency offering end-to-end solutions and staff augmentation services.

Mobile app development

Web, App and Software Development

We have a dedicated team of developers including software architects, front-end developers, back-end developers, QA Testers and e-commerce developers to serve your business's short and long term needs

E-commerce Development

We provide 360 E-commerce support to our clients. We develop websites using Woocommerce, Shopify, Laravel, Angular, Bagisto or Magento.

We also help our clients with line sheet development support, Amazon and Ebay integration, web security, stock updating, customer support and conversion marketing.

Staff Augmentation

We provide temporary and permanent staff augmentation services. Our services include remote helpdesk support and on-site hiring for your business

Social Media

We help brands stay ahead of the digital curve through storytelling, campaign development and with innovative marketing tools so that you can always have the right messaging for your audience.

Digital Marketing

In the digital age, brands can advertise through search engines, display advertising, Adwords, media buying and planning. However, it can be difficult to determine the right platforms and combinations of ways that work for your brand.


We craft your brand identity after meticulous research, right from fonts, typefaces and typography to brand colours, logo placement rules and preferred image styles.


A unique Tech and Marketing Agency with a sharp focus on bringing together the best software developers and design experts.


A multinational Tech and Marketing Agency with offices in the UK and India. We specialize in end-to-end solutions as well as remote staff augmentation.

HKS Manpower is based out of India's largest co-working space, where our in-house teams and our remote leased-teams are stationed.

Team Work

Committed and creative

Who we are

HKS Manpower is a global manpower solution providing temporary and full-time solutions for IT, marketing, bookkeeping, payroll and admin. We provide human partner services to our technology driven world of talent. Our headquarters is in London, United Kingdom and we have back offices in India.


Trust pays off


We realise the importance of reliable and efficient workforce in organisations and the importance of a job in an employees life. We help bridge the gap between knowledge, skills and employment as per the clients needs.

What We Do

Your Digital Agency

What we do

HKS Manpower is a creative agency with a focus on design, online marketing and tech development. We help other marketing agencies, brands and organisations stay ahead of the digital curve through outsourcing and offshoring.



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